School Appeals

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School Appeals


If a parent/guardian has requested a place at a primary or secondary school in Hull that has no vacancies, the parent/guardian has the right of appeal to an independent panel.

Parents/guardians who wish to exercise their right of appeal, need to complete an appeal form.

Democratic services arrange appeals for most schools and academies but some arrange their own appeals. Appeal forms for all schools can be requested from the admissions team. Where schools or academies arrange their own appeals the admissions team will send the completed appeal forms directly to the school.

Once the appeal form has been submitted, an appeal hearing date will be set within 30 school days of receipt of the form for in year transfers (or 40 school days during the normal admissions round).

You will receive a letter ten days before the hearing confirming the time and date of the hearing. Guidelines concerning what to do at the appeal will also be included in the pack. You must let democratic services know if an interpreter is required.

Following the hearing you will be sent a letter confirming the decision within 5 working days. If your appeal has been successful, it will contain instructions for what you will need to do next.

If your appeal has been unsuccessful the letter will include the reasons why the Panel decided to refuse your appeal. The Panel is comprised of experienced and trained people who are independent of the Council.

Once an appeal decision has been made, you are unable to appeal further until the following academic year for the same school. If you wish to challenge this decision, you will need to take advice on any further steps you can take. Even if a place has been allocated at a school the parent can still lodge an appeal for a more preferred school where an application has been made but there had not been a vacancy that could be allocated.