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The Warren Management Committee
Start Date:
Queen's Dock Chambers, Queen's Dock Avenue, Kingston upon Hull
Contact Phone
01482 218115
Mr. K. Russell, Co-ordinator
Max No of Representatives:
Representation(s) Compulsory Y/N:
Representation Length (Term of Office):
100 Months
There are Currently 1/2 appointments vacant
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Councillor Peter Clark 21/10/2011Term: Term of office as Councillor or resignation

THE WARREN MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                               


Resource centre for young people which offers; informal education, childcare, counselling, health activities, accredited and non-accredited courses, music, art, recording studio, work with LGBT young people, etc. 

Contact Information:                                                                                                                                                  

Website: www.thewarren.org

Email: website@thewarren.org

Tel: 01482 218 115

Address: C/O The Warren of Hull Limited, Queens DockChambers, 47-49 Queens Dock Avenue, Hull, HU1 3DR


To advance education and relieve the need among young persons, primarily between the ages of 16 and 25 years living in Kingston-Upon-Hull, who are unemployed or where by reasons of adverse circumstances are in need of help in acquiring a settled way of life by providing, developing and maintaining centres or similar facilities and to further assist such persons through education and leisure-time activities those who by reason of any physical, physiological, emotional or social infirmity are in need of advice, counselling and other benefits to assist them to full maturity as individuals and as members of society.


  1. Dr Bruce Woodcock
  2. Bryan Melville Draper 
  3. Max Anna Hope
  4. Carla Ramsay
  5. Alison Elizabeth Flack
  6. Mark Sowerby
  7. Daniel Robinson
  8. Julie Ann Rippingale
  9. Lloyd Atkin