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Local Government Association (LGA) General Assembly
Start Date:
Local Government House, Smith Square, London
Contact Phone
020 7664 3215/3000
Ms. M. Stribling, Member Services
Max No of Representatives:
Representation(s) Compulsory Y/N:
Representation Length (Term of Office):
12 Months
There are Currently 0/4 appointments vacant
Change page:
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Councillor Daren Hale 19/05/20221 year. (Leader & Leader of largest Opposition Group + 2 others
Councillor Jackie Dad 19/05/20221 year. (Leader & Leader of largest Opposition Group + 2 others
Councillor Linda Chambers 19/05/20221 year. (Leader & Leader of largest Opposition Group + 2 others
Councillor Michael Ross 19/05/20221 year. (Leader & Leader of largest Opposition Group + 2 others

Local Government Association                                                                               


The LGA General Assembly meets once a year and acts as the "parliament" for local government.

Web Link to Organisation's Website: www.lga.gov.uk

Object(s) of the Organisation:                                                                                                                                   


To represent, wherever possible by consensus, the interests of member authorities in England and Wales to national governments, to Parliament, to political parties, to European and other international institutions and to other bodies, and to negotiate on behalf of local government.


To formulate sound policies to support the improvement and development of local
governance, effective management in local authorities and the enhancement of
local democracy in England, Wales and elsewhere

 (c) To provide forums for discussion of matters of common concern to member
authorities, and a means by which joint views may be formulated and expressed.

 (d) To assist specific interest groupings of member authorities to express their
particular views.

 (e) To provide a full range of cost-effective services to member authorities in
accordance with their wishes, including the dissemination of accurate, timely and
relevant information.

 (f) To promote the policies of the Association and to provide information on local
government issues to the public and outside organisations.

 (g) To endeavour to give councillors from different political groups the opportunity to
contribute to the Association’s work and to the development of policies which
represent, as far as possible, consensus between the political groups and between groups of member authorities.

 (h) To appoint councillors to the boards of the IDeA and Local Partnerships to ensure
that those organisations’ work and priorities reflect those of the membership of the


 To support councillors in their role as democratically elected local representatives.
 (j)  To subscribe to, take, purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, deal with and
dispose of, place and underwrite shares, stock, bonds, debentures, debenture
stocks, obligations or securities, and to establish and participate in corporate
vehicles constituted or carrying on business in England and Wales.

 (k)  To provide an indemnity in respect of potential personal liability incurred by any
Officer or Member of the Association arising out of any action by them which is
authorised by the Association.

 (l)  To do anything that a natural person or legal corporation can lawfully do which is
necessary, or intended to facilitate, or conducive or incidental to the discharge or achievement of the aims of the Association.