ICT Requests

ICT Requests


We receive a number of Freedom of Information requests which relate to the ICT Service at Hull City Council

The data is limited to the following –

Enterprise Resource Planning/Management, CRM Software, Finance & Accounting Systems & Human Resources Application Systems

Microsoft  Hardware - Desktop/Tablet & Laptop Numbers

Microsoft Windows Mobile Phones

Server Hardware Maintenance

IT Staffing – Budget & Structure

Disaster Recovery

Network & Security

The document below provides a snapshot of this information as of March 2022


Information not supplied

Operating Systems – Desktops/Laptops/Tablets/IPADS & Servers

Storage Vendor details and Model information

Backup Solution

Firewall & Security

Antivirus Solution & Configuration


We are unable to supply the actual models of hardware/software/technical information including backup, IT Security & Anti-Virus for the Councils network as this could allow the identification of critical infrastructure which would compromise our security.


Department Structure