Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information


The Freedom of Information Act gives you a right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities.

The Act requires that -

  • . anyone who makes a request for information must be informed whether the authority holds
  •    that information
  • . the information must be supplied to them within 20 working days, subject to certain exemptions

 The Freedom of Information Act aims to improve the quantity and quality of information you can get from public organisations, and to improve public understanding of governmental services.



In some circumstances public authorities do not have to provide the information requested and can use one or more of the exemptions to withhold information, please click icon below for exemptions:


Requests under Freedom of Information are free of charge up to a cost of £450 to the council. This means that if it will cost the council less than £450 to answer the request and provide the necessary information, there will be no charge.

Whether a request will cost the council more than £450 is based on an hourly rate for finding, sorting or collating the information requested.  But it will not include the time for considering the application of exemptions or the public interest test.

The Act does not require the public authority to satisfy information requests costing more than £450.

If a request involves photocopying, printing or posting, there will be a charge once the response runs to more than 20 pages (£5). The costs are 25p per sheet and a minimum of £2.50 for postage. The payment will be requested before the request is fulfilled, and the 20 days is suspended until we receive the payment.

Make a Freedom of Information request

Before you make a request make sure you are not able to access the information you require by other means.  For further information on our publication scheme list and information that the council publishes, please click icons below:

You can make a request by completing the online form below: