Executive Forward Plan

The Council’s Forward Plan incorporates a Notice of each Key Decision that the Council has not yet taken, but is expected to take in the future, of which the Council is aware. You are also able to view the individual entries in the Forward Plan via

Each notice title incorporates the date it was published (in reverse format in the document name), details of the proposed decision and whether it is to be taken in public or at a meeting from which the public are excluded.

Key Decisions are defined at Article 8 within the Council’s Constitution and are decisions made by the Executive, that is the Council’s Leader, or a Committee or individual to which the Leader has delegated executive powers (eg the Cabinet) and are decisions which: Will result in expenditure or savings with a full year effect of more than £250,000, UNLESS
  • the decision is part of implementing a Key Decision that has already been taken, or
  • the decision relates to a decision to bid for external funding
Key Decision Notices are published a minimum of 28 days before the date when the decision is due to be made. The Notices of Key Decisions which have already been made are retained in the folder below entitled “Implemented Key Decisions” in the same format.

The purpose of publishing such notices is to provide the opportunity for consultation upon executive decisions both within the Council and with the Community prior to the decision being taken.

The details of the person to whom any comments upon any proposed decision should be submitted are included within the relevant Notice, this includes comments objecting to a proposal to consider a decision at a meeting (or a part of a meeting) to which the public are excluded. 
Formally, Notices of Key Decisions are referred to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee for consideration as to whether there should be any further formal consultation through a relevant scrutiny commission. Where a decision has to be taken in less than 28 days from the date when the decision is required to be made, it cannot be made without following the Statutory exception process set out within the Access to Information Rules within the Council’s Constitution. Notices of an exception to the process are stored within the folder entitled “Proposed Decisions not following the Forward Plan Process" below. Prior to November 2014 Forward Plans were not published in a dynamic but in a fixed form.  Historic Forward Plans can be found in the relevant folder also below. 



Forward Plan Notices (Agreed Decisions)

  1. pdf 20121201 Gypsy and Traveller Permanent Sites - Licence Holder (48Kb)
  2. pdf 20131024 Forward Plan Form - Heritage Services (35Kb)
  3. pdf 20140214 Leisure and Heritage Services Report (18Kb)
  4. pdf 20140411 Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Joint Waste Plan – Evidence Base Report (46Kb)
  5. pdf 20140509 Autism Strategy (42Kb)
  6. pdf 20140509 Citywide Lead Developer Partner Appointment (47Kb)
  7. pdf 20140509 Housing Lettings Policy Amendments (88Kb)
  8. pdf 20140509 Review of the application of age restrictions to Hull City Council Properties (51Kb)
  9. pdf 20140808 Green Deal ECO Partner Appointment (46Kb)
  10. pdf 20140912 Council Tax Discounts 2015-16 (45Kb)
  11. pdf 20140912 Future Provision of Hull Advice Service (44Kb)
  12. pdf 20140912 Highways Future Options (50Kb)
  13. pdf 20140912 S106 Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy Protocols (42Kb)
  14. pdf 20141010 Budget Proposals (19Kb)
  15. pdf 20141106 NKD MicrosoftEnterpriseAgreement (17Kb)
  16. pdf 20141114 Commercial Waste (43Kb)
  17. pdf 20141114 Tourism Strategy (42Kb)
  18. pdf 20141114 Visit Hull and East Yorkshire Tourism Strategy (2013 -18) (32Kb)
  19. pdf 20141118 Pearson Park 'Parks for People' Heritage Lottery Fund Bid (Inc. General Exception Form) (78Kb)
  20. pdf 20141128 Local Account 2014 (41Kb)
  21. pdf 20141128 Public Library Strategy (42Kb)
  22. pdf 20141128 Taxi and Small Bus Contracts (44Kb)
  23. pdf 20141202 Greenport Hull investment (42Kb)
  24. pdf 20141217 Commissioning of work to deliver the Hull Tobacco Control Plan (43Kb)
  25. pdf 20150115 Building Optimisation Programme (43Kb)
  26. pdf 20150116 - Appointment of Hall Construction Group Ltd to Refurbish various properties (42Kb)
  27. pdf 20150122 Better Care Plan (20Kb)
  28. pdf 20150130 Amendments to Decision Makers Guide for Discretionary awards of Business Rate Relief (44Kb)
  29. pdf 20150205 Continuation of the Citywide Empty Homes Programme 2015-18 (46Kb)
  30. pdf 20150205 Fracking and Coal Methane Policy (44Kb)
  31. pdf 20150213 Schools Capital Programme 2015-16 (51Kb)
  32. pdf 20150219 Annual Pay policy (42Kb)
  33. pdf 20150220 Authority to tender the Healthwatch Service (15Kb)
  34. pdf 20150220 Determination of the fee rates for residential care for the elderly in the City (15Kb)
  35. pdf 20150226 Novation of 0-5 Services Contract (16Kb)
  36. pdf 20150416 Drypool Bridge Superstructure Painting (42Kb)
  37. pdf 20150416 Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Joint Minerals Local Plan, Second Preferred Approach Consultation (43Kb)
  38. pdf 20150416 Supply of Liquid Fuel (42Kb)
  39. pdf 20150424 Applications for the designations of Newington Neighbourhood Area and Forum (44Kb)
  40. pdf 20150424 Basic Need School Funding Programme 2015 16 (53Kb)
  41. pdf 20150424 Changes to the Council's Neighbourhood Plans Procedure (47Kb)
  42. pdf 20150501 Guildhall Asbestos Removal (47Kb)
  43. pdf 20150508 School Improvement Commissioning Framework - no longer using this route (43Kb)
  44. pdf 20150515 New York Hotel (71Kb)
  45. pdf 20150520 Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (44Kb)
  46. pdf 20150520 River Hull Integrated Catchment Strategy (RHICS) (45Kb)
  47. pdf 20150522 2014-15 Outturn (42Kb)
  48. pdf 20150522 Cruise Terminal – City Centre Riverside Berth (42Kb)
  49. pdf 20150522 George Lamb Memorial Chapel (41Kb)
  50. pdf 20150522 Hull City Council - Hull Venue – City of Culture (42Kb)
  51. pdf 20150522 Procurement and Lease of the Ron Dearing University Technical College (46Kb)
  52. pdf 20150605 Award of Discretionary Bus Rates for HCAL (21Kb)
  53. pdf 20150605 Entry into Library Framework (16Kb)
  54. pdf 20150605 Review of the Delivery of Adult Social Care In-House Services (42Kb)
  55. pdf 20150605 Supply of Food Ingredients (42Kb)
  56. pdf 20150612 Complex Care (17Kb)
  57. pdf 20150612 Draft Avenues & Pearson Park Conservation Area Management Plan and Character Appraisal (44Kb)
  58. pdf 20150612 Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy (43Kb)
  59. pdf 20150612 Preventing Homelessness Strategy (43Kb)
  60. pdf 20150619 Car Scheme 2015 (42Kb)
  61. pdf 20150619 Entry into a framework contract with the University of Hull (17Kb)
  62. pdf 20150619 Hull Local Plan Preferred Options (41Kb)
  63. pdf 20150619 Provision of Hull Advice Service (17Kb)
  64. pdf 20150619 The tendering of a contract for the provision of Children’s Centre services (16Kb)
  65. pdf 20150626 Reduction in Public Health Budget (42Kb)
  66. pdf 20150710 Reduction in Public Health Budget - Special Urgency (106Kb)
  67. pdf 20150724 Affordable Warmth Strategy 2016-21 (44Kb)
  68. pdf 20150724 Alcohol Strategy (43Kb)
  69. pdf 20150724 Hull UK City of Culture 2017 agreement to sponsor the event (42Kb)
  70. pdf 20150724 Hulls Cultural Strategy 2016-26 (45Kb)
  71. pdf 20150724 Revs and Bens Commercial Venture (44Kb)
  72. pdf 20150805 Wifi and Mobile Concession - General Exception (19Kb)
  73. pdf 20150828 Budget Proposals (44Kb)
  74. pdf 20150828 Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP) (15Kb)
  75. pdf 20150828 Land and Property Disposals and Acquisitions Programme 201516 Additional items (42Kb)
  76. pdf 20150828 Street Lighting Lantern Replacement (40Kb)
  77. pdf 20150828 Submission of the Kingswood Area Action Plan to the Secretary of State (42Kb)
  78. pdf 20150828 Submission of the Thornton Area Forum Neighbourhood Plan Application following public consultation (46Kb)
  79. pdf 20150828 The tendering for a framework for provision of residential care Customers over pension age (18Kb)
  80. pdf 20150915 Gateway Protection Programme – New Contract 2016 to 2020 General Exception (20Kb)
  81. pdf 20151006 Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing - General Exception (51Kb)
  82. pdf 20151023 Care Act – Charging and Financial Assessment Policy Adult Social Care (44Kb)
  83. pdf 20151023 Local Account 2015 (16Kb)
  84. pdf 20151023 Procurement of the Integrated Public Health Nursing Service (0 – 19 years) (17Kb)
  85. pdf 20151109 Procurement of support for Oracle Financial Management System (16Kb)
  86. pdf 20151113 Adoption of Avenues & Pearson Park Conservation Area Management Plan (45Kb)
  87. pdf 20151113 Customer Programme - Detailed Business Case (45Kb)
  88. pdf 20151113 Information requirements and indicators to agree future private sector renewal priorities (42Kb)
  89. pdf 20151113 Procurement of Community Equipment Contract (16Kb)
  90. pdf 20151113 Procurement route for private sector renewal schemes Tyne Street, Stirling Street Estcourt Street (42Kb)
  91. pdf 20151113 Review of Locally defined Council Tax Discounts for 2015 16 and the empty property levy (48Kb)
  92. pdf 20151113 Supply and Maintenance of Bus Shelters and Advertising Street Furniture in the City (17Kb)
  93. pdf 20151218 52-54a Beverley Road - Brunswick Arcade (42Kb)
  94. pdf 20151218 Cleaning Materials Forward Plan (17Kb)
  95. pdf 20151218 Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme (42Kb)
  96. pdf 20151218 Council owned premises on Park Avenue Hull (18Kb)
  97. pdf 20151218 Hull Local Plan Publication Version (43Kb)
  98. pdf 20151218 Review of the Council’s policy on the grant of Concessionary Lettings (44Kb)
  99. pdf 20151222 NKD TransportReorganisation (16Kb)
  100. pdf 20160115 Purchase of Work of Art (15Kb)
  101. pdf 20160122 Introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in the Riverside and Wyke Areas (44Kb)
  102. pdf 20160122 Policy on Assisted Transport for Adult Social Care (17Kb)
  103. pdf 20160122 Procurement of provision of the Corporate Contact Centre (16Kb)
  104. pdf 20160122 Repair and Maintenance of Boiler Plant within Council Buildings (18Kb)
  105. pdf 20160129 Transfer of freehold land at Pearson Primary School - General Exception (45Kb)
  106. pdf 20160129 Transfer of freehold land at Pearson Primary School - General Exception form (69Kb)
  107. pdf 20160215 2 Year Schools Capital Programme 2016-18 (52Kb)
  108. pdf 20160215 Annual Pay policy (42Kb)
  109. pdf 20160215 Commissioned Special Educational Needs, disability and Looked After Children services (46Kb)
  110. pdf 20160215 Legal Services Partner (16Kb)
  111. pdf 20160215 Sustainable Strategic Commissioning and Procurement Strategy (20Kb)
  112. pdf 20160215 Temporary Staffing Contract (43Kb)
  113. pdf 20160215 Transfer of freehold land at Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College (46Kb)
  114. pdf 20160219 Basic Need School Funding Programme 2016-2017 Increasing Primary School places within the city (15Kb)
  115. pdf 20160229 Determination of the fee rates Council will pay for residential care for the elderly in the city (41Kb)
  116. pdf 20160304.NKD.ASCTransformation (19Kb)
  117. pdf 20160304.NKD.GeneralException.ASCTransformation (18Kb)
  118. pdf 20160322 Exercise of the option to Forward Purchase carbon allowances (16Kb)
  119. pdf 20160324 Enhancement works to the City Hall and Guildhall (44Kb)
  120. pdf 20160324 Extra Care PFI scheme procurement of a Catering Partner (42Kb)
  121. pdf 20160324 High Rise Lifts (18Kb)
  122. pdf 20160324 Land and Property Disposal and Acquisition Programme 201617 (42Kb)
  123. pdf 20160324 Pre-tender application for carriageway widening of Anlaby Road outside of the Hull Royal Infirmary (44Kb)
  124. pdf 20160324 Sexual Health Cross Charging Policy (44Kb)
  125. pdf 20160324 Supply of Two and Four Wheeled Bins (16Kb)
  126. pdf 20160422 Adoption of the Kingswood Area Action Plan (44Kb)
  127. pdf 20160422 Procurement for the Provision of Postal Services (42Kb)
  128. pdf 20160422 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (42Kb)
  129. pdf 20160422 Supported Bus Services 2016 (19Kb)
  130. pdf 20160520 Park Street Bridge Strengthening (42Kb)
  131. pdf 20160525 Printing and Copying Service (44Kb)
  132. pdf 20160525 Procurement of Multi-Functional Devices inc pro-print devices and software support (43Kb)
  133. pdf 20160525 Variation of Conference Centre Construction agreement (29Kb)
  134. pdf 20160527 Former Hedon Aerodrome site (19Kb)
  135. pdf 20160624 Collective Agreement (18Kb)
  136. pdf 20160624 Contract for asbestos surveying, asbestos removal and air monitoring of asbestos services (42Kb)
  137. pdf 20160624 Customer Programme – Procurement of IT Systems and Implementation Resource (54Kb)
  138. pdf 20160624 Procurement route for 7-8 HRA bungalows (42Kb)
  139. pdf 20160624 Supply of Natural Gas (43Kb)
  140. pdf 20160728 Transfer of freehold land at Kelvin Hall Secondary School - General Exception Form (49Kb)
  141. pdf 20160729 Transfer of freehold land at various primary schools (50Kb)
  142. pdf 20160729 Transfer of Health Service Provision to CHCP (19Kb)
  143. pdf 20160819 Approval to go out to tender for two related schemes at Kingswood Parks Primary School (44Kb)
  144. pdf 20160819 Holderness Drain land Purchase- Flood Alleviation Scheme (44Kb)
  145. pdf 20160819 Hull Local Plan Submission Version (42Kb)
  146. pdf 20160819 Policy for dealing with vibration related issues within the carriageway (41Kb)
  147. pdf 20160819 Use of surplus right to buy receipts (20Kb)
  148. pdf 20160901 Development of a new cycle track facility at the Ennerdale Sports Centre (21Kb)
  149. pdf 20160901 Social Prescribing (50Kb)
  150. pdf 20160913 Development of a new cycle track facility at the Ennerdale Sports Centre GENERAL EXCEPTION (21Kb)
  151. pdf 20160923 Adult Social Care (ASC) Transformation Programme Full Business Case and Future Operating Model (44Kb)
  152. pdf 20160928 Cremator Replacement Programme (19Kb)
  153. pdf 20161028 Changes to the Customer Service Centre (CSC) network (44Kb)
  154. pdf 20161028 Hull Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule Submission Version (42Kb)
  155. pdf 20161028 Open Space Strategy (20Kb)
  156. pdf 20161118 External Auditor Appointment Arrangements for Financial Years 2018-19 Onwards (44Kb)
  157. pdf 20161215 Swimming Pool and Ice Arena (48Kb)
  158. pdf 20161216 Closure of Nicholson House Residential Care Home (19Kb)
  159. pdf 20161216 Termination of Lease of Karelia Court Residential Care Home from Sanctuary Housing (19Kb)
  160. pdf 20161216 Termination of Lease of Karelia Court Residential Care Home from Sanctuary Housing (19Kb)
  161. pdf 20161221.NKD.AdoptionService (21Kb)
  162. pdf 20170120 Budget Proposals (20Kb)
  163. pdf 20170120 Children Young People and Families Demand Management Strategy (44Kb)
  164. pdf 20170120 Support for new houses to be built by Goodwin Trust (19Kb)
  165. pdf 20170120 Transport for the North (23Kb)
  166. pdf 20170214 - Transfer of Land at Griffin Primary School and Oldfleet Primary School (48Kb)
  167. pdf 20170214 Draft port of Hull Local Development Order Revision (42Kb)
  168. pdf 20170217 - Determination of the fee rates that the Council will pay for residential care for the elderly in the city. (42Kb)
  169. pdf 20170221 - Annual Pay Policy - General Exception (24Kb)
  170. pdf 20170301 - Residual Waste Disposal Processing Contract (21Kb)
  171. pdf 20170314 - Hooper Building (4) (43Kb)
  172. pdf 20170320 - Strategic Property Disposals (41Kb)
  173. pdf 20170320 Reallocation of drug and alcohol support contracts following receipt of termination notice by the current provider. (46Kb)
  174. pdf 20170405 - Better Care Fund Integrated Governance Framework (19Kb)
  175. pdf 20170405 - Children's Residential and Fostering Placement Decision Making Framework (18Kb)
  176. pdf 20170503 Beverley Road and Newland Avenue Carriageway Works General Exception (24Kb)
  177. pdf 20170507 - Water Competition 2017 (42Kb)
  178. pdf 20170511 - St Andrews Development Agreement v2 (48Kb)
  179. pdf 20170516 - Urban Traffic Control System (UTC) Communications upgrade and Hosting (1240Kb)
  180. pdf 20170516 - 2016-17 Provisional Financial Outturn (42Kb)
  181. pdf 20170516 - Commercial Property Portfolio (44Kb)
  182. pdf 20170516 - Pre Procurement Report for a Microsoft Enterprise Licence Agreement (40Kb)
  183. pdf 20170522 - Community Led Local Development (CLLD) - European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) (26Kb)
  184. pdf 20170526 - Air Quality Strategy (41Kb)
  185. pdf 20170526 - Improved Better Care Fund – (44Kb)
  186. pdf 20170610 - Housing Related Support Services (42Kb)
  187. pdf 20170610 - Housing Related Support Services (42Kb)
  188. pdf 20170620 MTFP and 2018-19 Budget (40Kb)
  189. pdf 20170620 Notice of Key Decision Form kreate v2 (42Kb)
  190. pdf 20170628 - Hull - Yorkshire’s Maritime City (HYMC) (25Kb)
  191. pdf 20170706 - Land at Sutton Fields Industrial Estate (43Kb)
  192. pdf 20170713 - Proposed refurbishment of 79 Lowgate & Closure and Disposal of Brunswick House, Hull (44Kb)
  193. pdf 20170719 - Review of Hull City Council’s Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA). (42Kb)
  194. pdf 20170720 - Re-procurement of Housing Management IT System (42Kb)
  195. pdf 20170814 - Hull Community Infrastructure levy (45Kb)
  196. pdf 20170814 - 3 year capital programme Cabinet Sept 2017 (42Kb)
  197. pdf 20170817 - Residential and Nursing care homes recommissioning (42Kb)
  198. pdf 20170817 - Lettings Policy Review 2017 (42Kb)
  199. pdf 20170831 - Street Trading and Pavement Café Licence Policies (40Kb)
  200. pdf 20170831 - Street Trading and Pavement Café Licence Policies (40Kb)
  201. pdf 20170907 - Procurement of the provision of Enforcement Services (19Kb)
  202. pdf 20170908 - Pre-Tender Report for the Supply, Installation, and Servicing of Stair lifts and Vertical Through Floor Lifts (43Kb)
  203. pdf 20170915 - Provision of Grant Monies to support the provision of General Advice Services in the city (42Kb)
  204. pdf 20170921 - Hire of Plants and Bobcats with Drivers (28Kb)
  205. pdf 20170926 -European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) – Business Support Funds (48Kb)
  206. pdf 20171006 - Housing Growth Plan and Citywide land (42Kb)
  207. pdf 20171013 Council’s MTFP and 201819 Revenue Budget, Capital Programme and HRA Budget (23Kb)
  208. pdf 20171019 - Council House Adaptations Policy (42Kb)
  209. pdf 20171019 - Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions 2018-19 (29Kb)
  210. pdf 20171019 - Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions 2018-19 (29Kb)
  211. pdf 20171024 - Planning obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy review (41Kb)
  212. pdf 20171024.NKD.HighRiseInsulation (3) (28Kb)
  213. pdf 20171024.NKDGeneralException.HighRiseInsulation (32Kb)
  214. pdf 20171027 Future Arrangements for Purchase of Public Service Network Compliant Wider Area Network Services (44Kb)
  215. pdf 20171027 ICT Relocation (44Kb)
  216. pdf 20171107 Re-procurement of Drug and Alcohol Services (44Kb)
  217. pdf 20171113 River Hull Port Safety Plan (43Kb)
  218. pdf 20171116 Holderness Road Library (41Kb)
  219. pdf 20171116 Mobile ICT Devices (41Kb)
  220. pdf 20171116 Stoneferry Road Corridor (47Kb)
  221. pdf 20171117 Schools Capital Programme (54Kb)
  222. pdf 20171127 General Exception Redevelopment of Albion Square (26Kb)
  223. pdf 2017116 General Exception Stoneferry Rd Corridor (55Kb)
  224. pdf 20171201 Revisions to Adult Social Care Charging and Financial Assessment Policy (18Kb)
  225. pdf 20171212 Housing Related Support Services (42Kb)
  226. pdf 201712122 Re-procurement of Sexual Health (44Kb)
  227. pdf 20171222 City Centre Strategic Sites (42Kb)
  228. pdf 20171222 Framework for Play Equipment (42Kb)
  229. pdf 20171222 Joint Minerals Plan (42Kb)
  230. pdf 20171222 Parking Strategy (40Kb)
  231. pdf 20171222 Proceeds of Crime Act (41Kb)
  232. pdf 20171222 Sexual Health Cross Charging Policy (42Kb)
  233. pdf 20171222 SPD Designing a House Extension (41Kb)
  234. pdf 20171222 Supplementary Planning Documents (41Kb)
  235. pdf 20180119 Deed of Variation - Yorkshire Energy Park (42Kb)
  236. pdf 20180119 Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 (42Kb)
  237. pdf 20180119 New Children's Home (42Kb)
  238. pdf 20180119 Private Sector Housing Enforcement (42Kb)
  239. pdf 20180119 SPD 8 Advertisement Design Guidance (40Kb)
  240. pdf 20180119 SPD2 Historic Environment (40Kb)
  241. pdf 20180223 Better Care Fund – section 75 agreement (42Kb)
  242. pdf 20180223 Childrens Residential Placements (41Kb)
  243. pdf 20180223 Highways capital programme 2018 (42Kb)
  244. pdf 20180301 Venue Public Realm Works general exception (29Kb)
  245. pdf 20180306 East Bank River Hull Acquisition General Exception (50Kb)
  246. pdf 20180323 Managing agent for rooftops to promote digital connectivity for the city (44Kb)
  247. pdf 20180323 Proposal for a Public Spaces Protection Order to gate an adopted tenfoot on Lambwath Road (42Kb)
  248. pdf 20180323 REfit Termination of Contract and Capital Programme reallocation of assigned budget (42Kb)
  249. pdf 20180323 Supplementary Planning Document 12 – Ecology (41Kb)
  250. pdf 20180323 Supplementary Planning Document 9 Vitality and Viability of Retail Centres (41Kb)
  251. pdf 20180420 2017-18 Provisional Financial Outturn (41Kb)
  252. pdf 20180420 Draft SPD 11 Protecting existing and providing new open space (44Kb)
  253. pdf 20180525 City Centre Key Sites Supplementary Planning Document (SPD13) (1919Kb)
  254. pdf 20180525 Re-commissioning of Voluntary Community Involvement Services (27Kb)
  255. pdf 20180525 Request for extensions to current Article 4 Direction relating to Houses in Multiple Occupation (42Kb)
  256. pdf 20180525 Strategic acquisition of Land and Property in connection with A63 Castle Street (44Kb)
  257. pdf 20180525 Strategic Acquisition of Land and Property in Connection with the Myton Retail Park (17Kb)
  258. pdf 20180525 Trees – Supplementary Planning Document 10 (45Kb)
  259. pdf 20180622 Private Housing frontage boundary improvements and procurement route for the award of contract (42Kb)
  260. pdf 20180622 Thornton Neighbourhood Plan – Examiners Report (42Kb)
  261. pdf 20180716 HCAL capital investment programme for Ennerdale Leisure Centre (44Kb)
  262. pdf 20180727.KDN.FireAuthorityWorks.BinChutes (17Kb)
  263. pdf 20180727.KDN.FireAuthorityWorks.BinChutes.GenExcpt (20Kb)
  264. pdf 20180727.KDN.SmartDigitalCityPlan (16Kb)
  265. pdf 20180730.NKD.CommunityLedGrants (44Kb)
  266. pdf 20180817 Proposed Relocation of Adult Social Care staff to Wilberforce Health Centre (25Kb)
  267. pdf 20180822 District Heating Network for Hull City Centre (43Kb)
  268. pdf 20180822 Highways Maintenance Strategy A Risk Based Approach to Asset Management (42Kb)
  269. pdf 20180822 New Physical Activity Strategy for Hull (44Kb)
  270. pdf 20180822 Safeguarding, child trafficking, radicalisation & child sexual exploitation (41Kb)
  271. pdf 20180921 Corporate Office Building Maintenance programme for Central Library (42Kb)
  272. pdf 20180921 Corporate Office Building Maintenance programme for Hull City Hall (42Kb)
  273. pdf 20180921 Draft SPD3 Environmental Quality (44Kb)
  274. pdf 20180921 Procurement of the new build housing small sites programme (44Kb)
  275. pdf 20180921 Reshaping of the Commercial Property Portfolio (43Kb)
  276. pdf 20180921 Reshaping of the Commercial Property Portfolio (43Kb)
  277. pdf 20180921 Wold Road & Wymersley Road carriageway maintenance scheme (42Kb)
  278. pdf 20181026 Corporate Plan (23Kb)
  279. pdf 20181026 Fruit Market LLP Loan (21Kb)
  280. pdf 20181026 Maintenance and Repairs contract for all Passenger Lifts (41Kb)
  281. pdf 20181026 New Build 6 bedroom Children’s Home (44Kb)
  282. pdf 20181026 To obtain approvals and relevant subsequent permissions to redevelop Albion Square (42Kb)
  283. pdf 20181116 City Plan (23Kb)
  284. pdf 20181116 Commissioning of non-registered support services for young people aged 16 Plus (28Kb)
  285. pdf 20181116 Supported Living Framework (28Kb)
  286. pdf 20181130 Provision of Homecare Services in response to Allied Healthcare Ceasing Trading (31Kb)
  287. pdf 20181130 Provision of Homecare Services in response to Allied Healthcare Ceasing Trading - Special urgency (20Kb)
  288. pdf 20181207 Hull Warmzone (28Kb)
  289. pdf 20190415 Authorisation of Capital Works to Eastern Cemetery (30Kb)
  290. pdf 20190415 Authorisation of Capital Works to Eastern Cemetery (30Kb)
  291. pdf 20190418 - 2018-19 Provisional Financial Outturn (42Kb)
  292. pdf 20190418 - 2018-19 Provisional Financial Outturn (42Kb)
  293. pdf 20190418 Library Resources (28Kb)
  294. pdf 20190418 Library Resources (28Kb)
  295. pdf 20190430 Delivery of 12 new Council homes on the Grange Road site (28Kb)
  296. pdf 20190430 Delivery of 12 new Council homes on the Grange Road site (28Kb)
  297. pdf 20190510 Rapid Rehousing Pathway Funding (48Kb)
  298. pdf 20190510 Rapid Rehousing Pathway Funding (48Kb)
  299. pdf Forward Plan Form - Area Teams & Housing (16Kb)
  300. pdf Forward Plan Form - Community Safety (16Kb)
  301. pdf Forward Plan Form - Cost of Democracy (16Kb)
  302. pdf Forward Plan Form - CustomerStrategy (37Kb)
  303. pdf Forward Plan Form - Highways (16Kb)
  304. pdf Forward Plan Form - Settlement of Legacy Primary Care Trust Property Liabilities (80Kb)
  305. pdf Forward Plan Form - StreetScene (16Kb)
  306. pdf Forward Plan Form - Terms and Conditions (54Kb)
  307. pdf Forward Plan Form - Traveller Pitch Refurbishment Programme (16Kb)
  308. pdf General Exception Consent - Terms and Conditions (24Kb)
  309. pdf General Exception Consent - Terms and Conditions-1 (24Kb)
  310. pdf Special urgency Warmzone (20Kb)

For further information please contact:

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