Planning Committee

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Planning Committee




Any person wishing to speak on a planning application that is to be considered at a meeting must register at the guildhall no later than 1:45PM on the day of the meeting.

The planning committee is made up of elected councillors of the City Council who have powers to make decisions on planning applications. They meet every four weeks to consider planning applications which are large or complex, controversial or have had objections made against them.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the planning committee but should be aware of the protocol for dealing with planning matters.

Not all planning applications are decided by the planning committee - most applications are dealt with by officers. You should ask us how the application you are interested in is to be dealt with.

You do not have to give advance notice of your intention to attend and speak at the meeting.

If you do wish to speak at the meeting  register your name and address on arrival and your interest in the proposal i.e. Applicant, neighbour, interested party.

Speakers will be permitted to make statements at the sole discretion of the Chair and for a maximum of three minutes each.

Where more than one person wishes to speak on a proposal the order will be : (1) Neighbours (2) Local Residents Groups' Representative (3) Others (4) Applicant.

When several people have a similar interest in the application they shall be invited to nominate a principal spokesperson. Subsequent speakers will be permitted to raise additional issues but not to repeat statements on issues already made by previous speakers.

Speakers will be permitted to make statements only and to give points of clarification.

The Chair will introduce each item for which speakers are present: a planning officer will then summarise the written report: speakers will be heard; and the committee will proceed to its decision.

The order of the agenda may be adjusted without notice at the meeting to prioritise those items for which speakers are attending.

Responsible Officer


Name:  Paul Rawcliffe, Senior Democratic Services Officer


Phone: 01482 61(5016)