Humber Bridge Board

Humber Bridge Board







The Humber Bridge Board is a statutory body, established by the 1959 Humber Bridge Act, and amended through subsequent legislation. This also includes the statutory roles of Highway and Traffic Authority. The Humber Bridge Act in 1959 followed the promotion of a parliamentary bill by the then Kingston upon Hull Corporation.  This provided for the creation of the Humber Bridge Board (“the Board”) with the powers to: construct and afterwards operate and maintain the bridge and approach roads; to acquire the necessary land; and to borrow such sums as necessary to build the bridge and take tolls from vehicle users. The tolls are used to operate the Bridge, ensure it is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition and to repay the debt of the funding borrowed to construct it.

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Responsible Officer


Name:  Louise Hawkins, Democratic Services Officer


Phone: 01482 61(3410)