Forward Plan



Hull and East Riding Unitary Leaders Board



Key Decisions are defined at Article 8 within the Council’s Constitution and are decisions made by the Executive, that is the Council’s Leader, or a Committee or individual to which the Leader has delegated executive powers (eg this Board) and are decisions which:


Will result in expenditure or savings with a full year effect of more than £250,000, UNLESS

  • the decision is part of implementing a Key Decision that has already been taken, or
  • the decision relates to a decision to bid for external funding
  • or decisions which:
  • Are likely to have a significant impact on communities in an area comprising two or more wards



Key Decision Notices are published a minimum of 28 days before the date when the decision is due to be made. The Notices of Key Decisions which have already been made are retained in the folder below entitled “Implemented Key Decisions” in the same format.  There are some occasions where we cannot publish decisions 28 days before they are due to be made, however these must follow specific processes and will still be published as soon as possible. 



The purpose of publishing such notices is to provide the opportunity for consultation upon executive decisions both within the Council and with the Community prior to the decision being taken.

The details of the person to whom any comments upon any proposed decision should be submitted are included within the relevant Notice, this includes comments objecting to a proposal to consider a decision at a meeting (or a part of a meeting) to which the public are excluded. 

Formally, Notices of Key Decisions are referred to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee for consideration as to whether there should be any further formal consultation through a relevant scrutiny commission.  The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee is responsible for scrutinising all decisions made by the Board. 


Where a decision has to be taken in less than 28 days from the date when the decision is required to be made, it cannot be made without following the Statutory exception process set out within the Access to Information Rules within the Council’s Constitution. Notices of an exception to the process are stored within the folder entitled “Proposed Decisions not following the Forward Plan Process" below.

The current individual Forward Plan entries are available through the following link - Current Forward Plan.