Hull and East Riding Unitary Leaders Board



Hull and East Riding Unitary Leaders Board



The Hull and East Riding Unitary Leaders Board is comprised of the Leader and one Executive Member of each of its constituent Authorities: Hull City Council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Meeting dates, agenda, reports, minutes can be accessed through the links on this page.

The Board is responsible for decision making on strategic themes and schemes advocates for investment, ensures capital expenditure programmes and policies are effectively delivered, and is the representative democratic body of the North Bank sub-region (the geographic areas covered by the two constituent Councils).

The Board is established as an Executive Committee and all decisions of the Board are published in its Forward Plan in advance of the decision being made, which is available through the links below.  All decisions are published either within the minutes of the Board or through Decision Records, where a delegation from the Board is in place.  Decisions made by Decision Record are available through the links below.  








Responsible Officer


Name:  Louise Hawkins, Democratic Services Officer


Phone: 01482 61(3410)