Joint Committees, Partnerships and Trusts

Joint Committees, Partnerships and Trusts


Executive Joint Committees

The PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee has been established to enable all Councils having Civil Enforcement Area Orders, enabling them to carry out civil enforcement of parking contraventions, to exercise their functions under Section 81 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and Regulations 17 of the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007. These functions are exercised through the Joint Committee in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 16 of the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007. (See below for regulations governing Wales)

The functions referred to in the previous paragraph and exercised by the PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee on behalf of its constituent councils are, appointing independent adjudicators to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (subject to the consent of the Lord Chancellor), providing these adjudicators with administrative staff and accommodation and providing hearing venues. Its remit in relation to the Tribunal is limited to these matters.


Joint Scrutiny Committees


Statuory Joint Bodies

As the governing body of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, our Board assesses the Humber economy and develops our strategy, setting priorities and making decisions.

Our main board helps to drive the growth of the Humber economy for the benefits of our communities.

The main board sits above the three sub boards (the Business Development Board, the Employment and Skills Board the Investment and Regulation Board) that drive our key ambitions, which are also supported by a number of groups and panels including the Investment Panel, Marketing Group and Single Conversation Group.

Transport for the North (TfN) brings together local representatives from across the North of England to allow the North to speak with a single voice to Government.

Local transport authorities and combined authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships from the whole of the North of England are acting collectively as TfN, working Government, Highways England, HS2 Ltd and Network Rail through the TfN Partnership Board to develop a Northern Transport Strategy.