Local Area Committees


Local Area Committees


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Due to the ongoing public health crisis it has been agreed that meetings of Area Committees due to take place in this municipal year will follow an alternative format with Members of the Committee being consulted and engaged in business electronically in the first instance. Any decisions that are proposed from the business considered in this format will be subject to either a hybrid meeting of the committee under the Coronavirus Act (2020) s. 78 and the subsequent Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations (2020) or a decision record provided for under the Executive Scheme of Delegation.

Members of the public wishing to ask questions relating to the business being considered are asked to submit these in writing to democratic.services@hullcc.gov.uk

Hull is divided into seven local areas.  Each local area has an Area Committee made up of local Councillors.  Each Area Committee meets every two months.  

Area Committees are responsible for advising the council and the Cabinet and for making certain decisions delegated to them. They involve Councillors for each area and their meetings are held in public.

The Area Committees, which together cover the entire city of Hull are charged with finding ways of working with the public at a local level. Ward and Neighbourhood Forums have been established throughout the city at which citizens may speak and can raise issues and give feedback on the performance and standards of publicly provided services.


Consider issues and contribute to and make decisions on matters affecting local residents,
such as housing,
roads and safety.

Make sure that local Councillors make local decisions.
Make sure that local areas get better quality services where they are needed.


Letting residents raise issues and get involved with the Council locally.
Issues can be referred from meetings at the Guildhall, or can be referred from
smaller ward and neighbourhood forums.
Listening to Council Officers, residents and community groups


So Councillors can make decisions for the benefit of their own residents.
So residents can have a say on what happens in their community.
To make sure local money is spent in the best way.


15 minutes during the meeting are allocated for public questions.  Unwritten questions will be taken only at the discretion of the Chair. Questions will be answered at the meeting if possible, otherwise written replies will be sent.  If required, decisions will be taken under the relevant agenda item.  As the agendas is to be considered in accordance with the Council’s formal committee procedures rather than a public forum, the public present will not be able to participate in the Committee’s discussions on the following items.

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