Executive Committees

Executive Committees

The Executive Committees of the Council are comprised of the Cabinet and its sub Committees and the Local Area Committees and perform most of the decision making functions of the Council.  

Meeting dates, agenda, reports and minutes can be accessed through the linked title of each committee.

Further information about the functions and responsibilities and how members of the public can be involved can be found through the icons below.  


Executive Committees


Responsible for taking most decisions within the Council, including ensuring budgets are balanced and services meet the City’s needs. Meetings are open to the public and you can submit questions.

Corporate Trustees Committee

Where the Council is the sole trustee of a charitable trust the Corporate Trustees Committee make decisions on behalf of the trust.

Executive Commissioning Committee

Reviews and ensures that Council companies are delivering best value against their contractual obligations. In companies which the Council is a shareholder discharges the Council’s functions.

Integrated Commissioning Executive Sub Committee

Decision making Committee which considers matters relating to integrated commissioning across the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group.


Area Committee Meetings



If the Annual Council Meeting decides to appoint Area Committees at its meeting on 17th May, 2018, this is a notice of intension that meetings of those Area Committees will be held during an adjournment of that Annual Council Meeting, to appoint the Chairs and Deputy Chairs. 

 Yours faithfully

Paul Rawcliffe

Democratic Services Officer

for the Chief Executive


Local Area Committees

East Area Committee

WARDS: Ings, Longhill & Bilton Grange and Sutton

Kings Carrs Area Committee

WARDS: Kingswood, North Carr and West Carr

North Area Committee

WARDS: Beverley & Newland, Orchard Park and University

Park Area Committee

WARDS: Holderness, Marfleet, Southcoates

Park Authority Governor Sub Committee

Determines the appointment of Local Authority Governors for schools in the area.

Riverside Area Committee

WARDS: Drypool, Newington & Gipsyville and St Andrews & Docklands

West Area Committee

WARDS: Boothferry, Derringham and Pickering

Pickering Park Trust

Manages the Pickering Park.

Wyke Area Committee

WARDS: Avenue, Bricknell and Central

Wyke Authority Governor Sub Committee

Determines the appointment of Local Authority Governors for schools in the area.