Health & Wellbeing Board

Health & Wellbeing Board



The Health and Wellbeing Board is a Committee of the Council with a strategic  focus upon ensuring that the barriers that may otherwise reduce the effectiveness of integrated working across the Health and Social Care Community are removed.


The Committee came into existence as a Statutory Committee as a requirement within the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and encompasses the following areas of focus:


(a)    To support the assessment of the needs of the local population through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment undertaken by Public Health;


(b)   To develop the Health and Wellbeing Strategy as a strategic framework for the co-ordination of Strategic Commissioning decisions across the Health and Social Care community, for adoption by the Council as a Policy Framework Document adopted by the Council and the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and used for guidance by NHS England;


(c)    To promote integrated working between the Council and the Health Community, in particular by promoting the use of Pooled Fund Agreements, specifically the Better Care Fund to facilitate the use of available public funds to better health and social care outcomes for the city;


(d)   To promote the co-ordination of integrated activity within the city to reduce Health Inequalities, that is monitoring and guiding co-ordinated activity which aims to create more equal outcomes for citizens – such as educational achievement and life expectancy;


(e)   The co-ordination of representations upon the development of the NHS Regional Sustainability and Transformation Plan through which regional proposals to improve health and care for citizens through improved public services are developed


 (f)     To lead the production of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for the city, articulating the current and future need for Pharmaceutical Services within the City


The Committee comprises a membership which includes Council members, Hull NHS Clinical Commissioning Board Members, NHS England and Service User representation through HealthWatch.


The Health and Well Being Strategy and the work that the Board undertake inform the approach followed by:


(a)    The Executive Committee in Common at which the Council and the Hull NHS Clinical Commissioning Group jointly make decisions to commit resource in a co-ordinated manner and to maintain under review the Commissioning Arrangements within the Better Care Plan;


(b)   The Hull Place Based Board on which the Chief officers of all Public Sector organisations within the City of Kingston-upon-Hull meet to plan co-ordinated activity toward the Hull Based aspects of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

Responsible Officer


Name:  Antony Spouse, Scrutiny Officer


Phone: 01482 61(3712)