Council and its Committees

Council and its Committees

The Council is organised into Committees that undertake five key functions. 

Committees make decisions within the overall policy framework set by Full Council and fall into the following groupings:

Executive Decision Making - making decisions about the commitment of the budget allocated annually by Council each year.

Overview and Scrutiny - reviewing  Executive decisions, ensuring that they are subject to challenge and developing Council policy.

Regulatory and Statutory Committees - making non-executive decisions on matters that by law are required to be determined by the Council on behalf of the community - such as Planning and Licensing.

Governance - ensuring that the Council is managed in accordance with the budget and rules within the Council's Constitution,

Joint Committees, Partnerships and Trusts - decision  making which involves bodies other than Hull City Council, for example, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  

Detail about decision making through the Committees, how the Council works in partnership with other bodies, meeting times, dates agendas and reports can be accessed through the icons below (any meeting held before January 2013 is available through the Historical Committees link at the bottom of the page):

Please note that we are able to provide a hearing loop to assist in committee meetings. Should you require this, or any other service please contact who will assist.