The Constitution


The Constitution

The Constitution sets out the rules governing the conduct of the business of the City Council.  It describes the roles and responsibilities of the different bodies within the City Council and the opportunities that exist for citizens to contribute and make their voice heard on matters which are important to them.

The Constitution comprises four parts:

Part A - Articles of the Constitution

Sets out the different bodies within the City Council and describes their roles and responsibilities.  Article 5 describes the opportunities that exist for citizens to contribute to decision making.

Part B - Council and Executive Scheme of Delegation

Sets out the extent of delegated authority granted to the bodies and persons within the Council to take decisions in the discharge of the functions of the Council and the Cabinet.

Part C - Procedure Rules

Contains all of the detailed procedural rules that are followed in taking decisions.  These include rules governing the conduct of meetings of the Council, the conduct of Cabinet business, how Overview and Scrutiny Executive decisions operates and rules governing access to information.

Part D - Conduct and Allowances

Includes the Member Code of Conduct adopted by the Council and which all members of the City Council undertake to observe on taking up office.

The Constitution is subject to regular review to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.

The Director of Legal Services & Partnerships, who is also the Council's Monitoring Officer with statutory responsibilities for the operation of the Constitution, may be contact for assistance where any question arises about the operation and interpretation of the Constitution.

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