Policy Framework

Policy Framework


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The Council adopts a series of policies and strategies as its Policy Framework.  “Policy Framework” documents set the policies within which decisions are made on behalf of the Community by Executive decision makers (including the Leader, Cabinet and its sub-committees, Area Committees, the Health and Wellbeing Board and officers exercising delegated powers)  and the Council Committees and officers exercising Regulatory Powers (Planning and Licensing).  Policies and Strategies that are required to have the approval of Full Council (a meeting of all Council members) are shown in bold.  Strategies that are not shown in bold are approved by the Executive (the Leader or a body or individual to whom the Leader has delegated the relevant powers) or the relevant statutory Partnership Body to which they relate (eg the Business Plans of the City Safeguarding Boards):

City Plan _Community Strategy_ May13 v04.pdf

1.       Sustainable Community Strategy – For the City of Hull the Sustainable Community Strategy is the City Plan.   This is a high level Strategic document organised into a series of themes through which are identified streams of work that are being progressed by the Council and its partners to deliver identified outcomes.   Within each theme are further strategies and policies which provide more detailed information upon how it is intended that the theme outcomes will be delivered. 

 A      City Plan Theme:

20130516. A - City Plan Theme - UK Energy City.pdf

Local Transport Plan 2011 CONTENTS.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011 -2026 chapter 1 - introduction.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 2 - local and strategy policy context.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 3 - geographic and demographic characteristics.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 4 - the changing face of Hull.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 5 - hull road user hierarchy.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 6 - walking.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 7 - cycling.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 8 - public transport.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 9 - highways.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 10 - safer roads.pdf
Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 chapter 11 - air quality and climate change.pdf

Home Energy Conservation act (HECA) Further Progress Report 2013-15.pdf

B       City Plan Theme: Make Hull a World Class Visitor Destination  Cultural (regeneration) strategy

20130516. B - City Plan Theme - Visitor Destination.pdf
2015_18.Visit Hull and East Yorkshire Tourism Strategy.pdf

C       City Plan Theme: Helping residents to make their money go further Homelessness Strategy, Affordable Warmth Strategy 

20130516. C - City Plan Theme - Helping Residents.pdf
Home Energy Conservation act (HECA) Further Progress Report 2013-15.pdf

D      City Plan Theme: Prevention and Early InterventionHealth & Well-Being Strategy; Housing Strategy, City Learning Strategy; Early Support and Intervention Strategy, Extra Care Strategy, Community Safety Strategy (Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy),
Youth Justice Plan

20130516. D - City Plan Theme - Prevention and Early Intervention.pdf
2014-2020 Health & Wellbeing Strategy.pdf
2012-2015.community safety partnership communications strategy.pdf
2015-2016 Hull Youth Justice Annual Plan.pdf

CSP strategy booklet_FINAL.pdf

E      City Plan Theme:
Safeguarding the most vulnerable residents   - Hull Safeguarding Children’s Board and Hull Safeguarding Adult’s Board – Business Plans, Children and Child Protection Plan

 20130516. E - City Plan Theme - Safeguarding Vulnerable Residents.pdf
2015-2020 Hull Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board Strategic Plan.pdf
2014 Terms of Reference - Hull Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board.pdf
2013-14 Hull Safeguarding Childrens Board Business Plan.pdf
2014 Constitution Hull Safeguarding Childrens Board.pdf

F       City Plan Theme: Enabling and Supporting the Plan  - Sustainable Procurement Strategy, Transport Strategy, Property Strategy, City Learning & Skills Strategies informed by Humber LEP Skills Commission

20130516. F - City Plan Theme - Enabling and Supporting the Plan.pdf
20130128 Sustainable Strategic Commissioning Procurement strategy.pdf

2.       Corporate Plan (incorporating the Best Value Performance Plan) – The Corporate Plan will identify how the Council will progress the elements of the Sustainable Community Strategy for which it is responsible and deliver Best Value for the City .  The current guidance on delivery of Best Value is included by following this weblink

3.       Development plan documents and Plans and alterations which together comprise the Development Plan – The Development Plan and associated documents  provide the framework for decision making by the Council’s Planning Committee and Officers to whom the Committee have delegated decision making powers when considering applications for Planning Consent.  The Development Framework documents can be found by following this weblink

4.       Licensing Authority Policy Statements – The Licensing Authority Policy Statements provide the framework for decision making by the Council’s Licensing Committee when considering applications for activities regulated by the Licensing Committee through the Licensing and Gambling Acts.  The relevant policy Statements are the Licensing Policy and the Gambling Policy:

Licencing Policy 2013/
20151119. Gambling Act 2005.pdf