Policy Framework

Policy Framework

The Council adopts a series of policies and strategies as its Policy Framework.  “Policy Framework” documents set the policies within which decisions are made on behalf of the Community by Executive decision makers (including the Leader, Cabinet and its sub-committees, Area Committees, the Health and Wellbeing Board and officers exercising delegated powers)  and the Council Committees and officers exercising Regulatory Powers (Planning and Licensing).  Policies and Strategies that are required to have the approval of Full Council (a meeting of all Council members) are shown in bold.  Strategies that are not shown in bold are approved by the Executive (the Leader or a body or individual to whom the Leader has delegated the relevant powers) or the relevant statutory Partnership Body to which they relate (eg the Business Plans of the City Safeguarding Boards):


This refreshed City Plan presents the next stage in our journey as a city, under the now joint economic and fair growth aspirations of the City Plan approach.

1. City Plan Theme: UK Energy City

  • - ​Transport for the North and Nothern Powerhouse.
  • - Devolution and Financial Growth.
  • - Environment and Circular Economy.
  • - Waterfront Regeneration and Flooding.

​2. City Plan Theme: Destination Hull

  • - Place Development / Management.
  • - City Positioning and Promotion.
  • - City of Culture Legacy.
  • - Capital Investment and Infrastructure.

​3. A Place of Communities and Oppotunities for All

  • - Inclusivity and Fairness.
  • - Healthier, Longer Happy Lives.
  • - Housing.
  • - Education and Skills.
  • - Best Start in Life.
  • - Safe and Independent Lives.
  • - Families.
  • - Safe, Active and Engaged Communities.


2. Hull City Council Corporate Plan 2018-2022 - This Corporate Plan sets out our overall vision, priorities and values for the next four years. This will guide everything we will do as an organisation and how we will go about it as we work towards securing a positive and sustainable future for the city, through decisive leadership and the development of inclusive partnerships and communities. It focuses on major issues that require specific attention rather than listing every activity that we understake. The Corporate Plan helps us target limited resources and provides framework against which we can assess our progress.

3. Development plan documents and Plans and alterations which together comprise the Development Plan – The Development Plan and associated documents  provide the framework for decision making by the Council’s Planning Committee and Officers to whom the Committee have delegated decision making powers when considering applications for Planning Consent.  The Development Framework documents can be found by following this weblink

4. Licensing Authority Policy Statements – The Licensing Authority Policy Statements provide the framework for decision making by the Council’s Licensing Committee when considering applications for activities regulated by the Licensing Committee through the Licensing and Gambling Acts.  The relevant policy Statements are the Licensing PolicyGambling Policy, Street Trading Policy, Taxi Licensing Policy and the Scrap Metal Dealers Licensing Policy:-



5. Hull Health & Well-Being Strategy 2014-2020 - The Health and Well-Being Board wants Hull people to have the best start in life; to live healthier, longer, happy lives, safely and independently.


6. Local Transport Plan 2011 - 2026 -  To provide and develop a safe and efficient transport system that contributes to the social, environmental and economic well-bieng of the residents, businesses and visitors to the City and provides equal opportunities for everyone to access key services using, where possible, 'green' alternatives to the private car.  See documents below:

Local Transport Plan 2011-2026