Planning Committee

The planning committee is made up of elected councillors who have powers to make decisions on planning applications. **ANY PERSON WISHING TO SPEAK ON A PLANNING APPLICATION THAT IS TO BE CONSIDERED AT A MEETING MUST REGISTER AT THE GUILDHALL NO LATER THAN 1:45PM ON THE DAY OF THE MEETING**
15 January 2013 - onwards
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09 September 202011:3012:30Site Visits Scheduled
09 September 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled
15 September 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled
14 October 202011:3012:30Site Visits Scheduled
14 October 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled
20 October 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled
04 November 202011:3012:30Site Visits Scheduled 
04 November 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled 
17 November 202014:0017:00Council ChamberScheduled 
02 December 202011:3012:30Site Visits Scheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
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Councillor Marjorie Brabazon Member 17/05/2018 - current
Councillor Sean Chaytor Member 17/05/2018 - current
Councillor Rob Dunstan P.G. DiP Member 16/09/2020 - current
Conservative and Unionist
Councillor John Fareham BA (Hons), MA (Group Leader) Member 19/05/2011 - current
Councillor Alan Gardiner Chair 19/05/2011 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Julie Greenhill Member 17/05/2018 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Diana Hatcher BA (Hons) Member 21/05/2015 - current
Councillor Shane McMurray BA (Hons), PGCE, Member 17/05/2018 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Cheryl Payne Member 19/06/2014 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Charles Quinn MA Member 16/05/2019 - current


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor John Abbott BA (Hons)Substitute 25/03/2013 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Linda ChambersSubstitute 25/03/2013 - current

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