People and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Commission

To scrutinise, monitor, review and advise services that relate to the communities and residents within the City, including alcohol and drugs strategies, anti-poverty, anti-social behaviour, community regeneration and recreation, community cohesion and diversity, environmental crime and health, housing, offender management, libraries, parks and open spaces, youth justice and offending. The Commission acts as the Council’s designated Crime and Disorder Committee.
16 May 2013 - onwards
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Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
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12 November 202013:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
17 December 202013:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
14 January 202113:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
11 February 202113:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
11 March 202113:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
15 April 202113:3016:00Council ChamberScheduled
24 June 202113:3016:30Council ChamberScheduled
22 July 202113:3016:30Council ChamberScheduled
23 September 202113:3016:30Council ChamberScheduled 
14 October 202113:3016:30Council ChamberScheduled 


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
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Councillor Julia Conner Member 16/05/2013 - current
Councillor Rob Dunstan P.G. DiP Deputy Chair 17/05/2018 - current
Councillor Leanne Fudge Chair 20/05/2021 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Diana Hatcher BA (Hons) Member 16/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Mark Ieronimo Member 16/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Kalvin Neal Member 20/05/2021 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Rob Pritchard Member 20/05/2021 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Chris Randall Member 20/05/2021 - current
Councillor Denise Thompson Member 17/05/2018 - current
Councillor Mike Thompson Member 20/05/2021 - current


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Maria Kohler
01482 615019

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