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Health and Social Well-Being Overview and Scrutiny Commission

To scrutinise monitor, review and advise services that relate to the health and well being of residents within the city and services that provide this function, including responsibilities in relation to the Health and Social Care Act, Hull Healthwatch, adults social care, Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust, public health providers and tackling health inequalities.
01 January 2010 - onwards
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08 January 201310:00TBCRoom 77Scheduled
12 February 201310:00TBCRoom 77Scheduled
12 March 201310:00TBCRoom 77Scheduled
09 April 201310:00TBCRoom 77Scheduled
11 June 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled
09 July 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled
10 September 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled
08 October 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled
12 November 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled
10 December 201310:0013:00Room 77Scheduled


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor John Abbott BA (Hons) Member 20/05/2010 - current
Councillor Marjorie Brabazon Deputy Chair 19/06/2014 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Linda Chambers Member 17/05/2012 - current
Councillor Leanne Fudge Member 19/09/2019 - current
Councillor Gill Kennett BA Member 17/05/2018 - current
Councillor Deborah Matthews LLM, LLB (Hons) Member 17/05/2018 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Cheryl Payne Member 25/11/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Rob Pritchard Member 16/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Christine Randall Member 18/07/2019 - current
Councillor Steve Wilson Chair 23/06/2014 - current


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Antony Spouse
01482 613712

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