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Full Council
20 May 2021 - 10:00 to 14:00
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Civic & Procedural
1 Apologies
To receive apologies for those Members who are unable to attend the meeting.
2 The Election of the Lord Mayor and Admiral of the Humber
3 The Election of the Deputy Lord Mayor
4 Declarations of Interest
To remind Members of the need to record the existence and nature of any Personal and Discloseable Pecuniary interest in items on the agenda, in accordance with the Member Code of Conduct.

(Members Code of Conduct - Part D1 of the Constitution)
6 Receipt of Announcements from the Lord Mayor
(Council Procedure Rule 8.1.6)
7 Composition of Political Groups
The Monitoring Officer to report any changes to the compostition of political groups.

(Council Procedure Rules 5.2.5).
8 Confirmation of the Appointment of the Leader of the Council
9 Annual Address of the Leader of the Council and Written Report on the Executive Delegation Scheme
10 Address by the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group in Response to the Annual Address of the Leader and Written Report on the Executive Delegation Scheme.
To consider the above report.

To agree the appointment and political balance of the City Council’s Committees.

The allocation of seats in accordance with the statutory scheme for political balance is attached.


Members may resolve either to appoint in accordance with the scheme, or to appoint according to a scheme that does not comply with the statutory scheme. A scheme that does not reflect the statutory scheme can only be approved if no member votes against it, although members may abstain from voting.
13 Appointment of Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Committees
To agree the Chairs and Deputies of the Council’s Committees, and note the appointment of the Chairs and Deputy Chairs of the Area Committees.

Council to determine the dates and times of the Council’s Committee meetings for the 2021/22 Municipal Year.

  1. pdf Schedule (48Kb)
Seats on these bodies must be allocated in accordance with statutory rules and proportionality.
To agree the appointments to outside organisations.
17 Referral from the Independent Members’ Appointments Panel
To consider recommendations from the meeting of the Independent Members’ Appointments Panel held on 14th May, 2021, to make appointments to the Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel.
Public Items
Leader Of Council & Cabinet
O&S, Regulatory And Other Committees
Joint Arrangements
Business Deferred From The Previous Meeting Of Council
Member Business

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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